Since 2006, Premier GROUP has designed, developed and built photovoltaic solar power plants, generating wealth and added value, carrying out projects in the renewable energy sector for us and our partners. We focus on solar energy as a source of clean and inexhaustible energy, a technology that has experienced remarkable growth continuously over the last few years, being today a global phenomenon for the supply of clean energy worldwide.

Highly qualified team of professionals

Comprehensive service to our clients

The activity of Premier GROUP have a positive and direct economic impact at the local level, by creating jobs, guaranteeing local supplies and labor, and contributing to the creation of a new industry with a bright future.

Opportunities identification

Since its inception, Premier GROUP has sought out interesting markets for the development, realization and operation of photovoltaic solar energy plants. To that end, we are continuously scanning across the world for countries and regions that develop a policy of sustained support for renewable energy, or those in which the prices of energy, solar resources and market instruments allow the sale of electricity to market price.

Local value generation

In all the markets in which we are present, we make sure to create value at the local level, through the integration of all local actors, guaranteeing the transfer of knowledge and the contribution to local development of the renewable energy sector.

This has a direct positive impact on wealth and job creation at the local level by securing local supplies and labor and creating a new industry with a bright future.

Premier GROUP directly employs local staff, engineers and business developers to join our organization. We also work with external local specialists, such as lawyers, environmental consultants, real estate agencies, surveyors, or geologists to carry out the necessary studies for the development of the project.

We also engage local communities, landowners, and local authorities to ensure that all of them will benefit from the implementation of a solar power generation plant.
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