At Premier we are committed to contributing to the development of renewable energy as a clean source for electricity generation.

The world faces a huge problem with increasing greenhouse gas emissions, which contribute to global warming that the planet is experiencing in recent years.

A sustainable future

Premier wants to make its contribution to sustainable development by promoting and developing renewable energies to meet growing energy consumption through clean sources with far less environmental impact than traditional ones.

Our goal and duty is to pursue sustainability to meet energy demand without compromising the resources and possibilities of future generations.

Competitive solar energy

Renewable energy technologies have experienced a great reduction in costs in recent years, since the entire value chain, from raw materials, equipment manufacturers, developers, builders, investors, financial institutions to final owners, have adapted and learned to establish a mature industry in continuous growth globally. Currently, there are various government systems and policies capable of successfully governing a market based on its level of maturity.

There are numerous growing solar markets worldwide that continue to promote the development of renewable energy through government programs, such as grid injection rates or tax exemptions. On the other hand, there are more mature markets, where the administration launches state or regional auctions for renewable energy.

In addition, there are markets in which the so-called grid parity has already been reached, which means that the electricity generated by renewable energies is already competitive at market price, for which energy purchase agreements (PPA) are already being signed. ) between operators and consumers.

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